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Hydrate + H20 =Free Health

It's truly shocking the amount of sugar and calories people intake as a part of their "liquid" intake. I personally used to drink anywhere from 6-10 sodas a day, 2 glasses of milk and maybe a glass or two of tea.

I had no idea I was packing calories and sugar into my body like there was a shortage. After a serious look at myself and my daily habits, it became clear why I was over 315 lbs and over 32% body fat. 

Changing one thing in my diet made all the difference in the world. I cut out all dairy, soda, tea and juice. I cut out any liquid that was not water and only consumed water with lemon slices. 

The result, I started feeling better and looking better. I could not believe how much better my body operated when properly hydrated with the correct amount of water.


If your looking for a better you going into 2020, I would encourage you to start with a free resource... water. It can truly change your life.